Apollyon's Tear
Deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament 2003

Designed and implemented by Ara Shirinian

apollyonstear1p.zip 2.25 MB complete version: for one player only.
apollyonstear.zip 1.98 MB reduced-functionality version for multiplayer.
Background Story
Nafs-Amara is a tiny planet located about 400 light years from our solar system. Although its size is comparable to that of our moon, the entire sphere is littered with active volcanoes. Two years ago, anomalous activity was detected on the surface.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the planet's lava exhibits properties such as exceedingly low viscosity and heat retention that is apparently immeasurable. Regardless of its environment, the lava seems to continuously retain its ultra-high temperature and therefore exists permanently in liquid form. Initial studies suggest that this material's behavior actually violates the First Law of Thermodynamics. The implications as a potential energy source are obvious.

Mount Apollyon is the largest active volcano on the planet, and research facility NAA-1 has been built to study the magmatic activity. The erupted lava, oozing gently from the mouth of the volcano, is colloquially referred to among the research staff as "Apollyon's Tear."

As the facility is located inside Mount Apollyon, it has been specially designed to sustain frequent exposures to the magma. During eruptions, the entire structure becomes flooded. Over time, the lava gradually drains back into the porous ground.

Strangely enough, these volcanic eruptions are highly predictable. Consequently the research staff is able to complete experiments and vacate the premises safely between eruptions.

In the time interval immediately after floodings and before the scientists come back from their vacations, research facility NAA-1 rents out their space for tournaments!

Author's Information
Ara Shirinian
ara at housenet dot org